Today I wrote a new story for  a contest, which I might branch out on.

Its about this girl who's brother died and everyone thinks it was an accident, but she thinks its murder. That convinces her to become a teen detective with her best friend, who she harbours a slight crush on, like every girl in her grade. When two girls her age show up dead, and the murderer is believed to be a classmate at the school, she is sent to the new school to pick out the wrong-doer. Between a budding romance with him, a temporary new school and trying to keep her parents together on top of trying to find evidence that her brother was murdered, she has her plate full.

I made up half that while writing it. Wow. 

Anyway that catch to her is that she has dyslexia, so she struggles with school but has better observation skills than most other people. Its hindrance and a blessing all in one. 
Well, the past few days, I've changed an old story that I never finished into a manuscript. So far, it's worked out well and I've gotten inspiration to change the story and write some more of it.

Its about this girl named Ace that, though she's never really had an exciting life, she's fine with it. She loves books, swimming and all this other mundane stuff. Now she gets whisked off to the place, the Land of Tales, where all the story book characters live and hang out when they aren't being read. Things aren't always what they seem with these people. Now, she must figure out how to get back home, help her new friend get over the guy who fell in love with her instead of him.. Again, and deal with a budding romance.

For those of you who are fans of Jodi Picoult, you may notice the idea of fairytale land is slightly similar to hers, which is where I got the inspiration for this book. You may notice this happens a lot with my stories, but I always personalize them so them end up looking nothing like the other authors.