Good day, my little minions who read this. 
I was thinking of a story, seeing how I could plot it, but I just couldn't see it as a book. It was playing out in my mind like a play or movie. So I thought, why not write a script? 
Its about this woman, who is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. A police officer and forensic anthropologist visit her, revealing the fact that they found the body of her dead sister.  The woman, Bea, begins telling them about her sister. On the stage, all the times throughout her life and being done. 
Then she starts talking to them about the night she remembers the most. Her mother was at work and her older brother, a talented musician, was babysitting them. She was seven, her sister was four, and her brother was fourteen. He was practicing in his room, quite loud, so they took a mattress and begun playing on the stairs. They took turns pushing each other down the stairs, but one time, she pushed her sister a little too hard and she went tumbling down the stairs. The girl, now a woman, ran down after her, listening for her breathing. Once she was sure her little sister was still alive, she yells to her brother, but he was playing too loud. She runs up to get him, but when they get back, she wasn't breathing anymore. The brother tried to do CPR, but he didn't know how. The mother comes home to two of her children crying on the stairs and the other one dead. The mother thought of her other children and buried the body on the beach. 
The woman expresses her gratitude, saying about how she can die in peace now, knowing that someone else knows what she knows. 
The ending will be the old woman dying in her bed and her little sister showing up. She grabs her hand and the woman turns to into her seven year old self, (who was hiding behind the bed) and they walk off together. 
Personally, I think this will be an epic play. 

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